Feeding the Familiar

I've been saying for a LOOONG time that I'm no adult. Nope. Sorry...That ain't me. I'm about to turn 30 and I SWEAR to Nordstroms I have no idea what that means. People tell me that and my head cocks to the right much like a special dog does when you're asking it questions.

I'm not scared of aging or anything lame like that...I just seriously, honestly DON'T.FEEL.LIKE.AN.ADULT.

I've made a list of reasons why:

  1. I'm not married. This counts dang it! That's something big kids do!
  2. I still have to have cereal in the morning or my day is just all kinds of bad.
  3. I laugh when I hear people say penis.
  4. I wear goofy socks. Grown A women do not do this. Promise.
  5. I have Rainbow Brite The Movie in my Netflix queue. Not for memory's sake, but because that movie actually totally rocks.
  6. I can't sit still at work. I can't pay attention...I tend to squirm and doodle. I'm not meant to work for The Man. At least not right now anyways...I want to go back to working at Worlds of Scum or something.
  7. I wear bunny socks to bed.
  8. I still believe monsters can get me at night time.

I may be turning 30 but I'm STILL a kidult. You thought you'd heard the last of that word....NEVAH! I'm just waiting for the moment it'll finally click and I'll feel like an adult.

Just hoping when that day comes I don't self combust in self defeat....I associate adulthood with prune juice. Lots of prune juice...and I'm already gassy enough.


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