Doctor Ego

So...I really don't like my doctor. I used to go to this semi-decent chick, but she retired and Doc Ego took her place. This is why I loathe Doc Ego:

  1. One time I made an appointment because I was experiencing dizzy spells, my teeth were hurting, my SINUS cavities hurt and I couldn't breath. Most normal human brains have already figured out what could have been the problem, but not Doc Ego. Oh no...He loves to bleed people financially dry and watch them suffer as he plays the guessing game. He wanted to run $500 worth of tests to figure out what the problem was. I promptly went to my car, ripped up the lab requests and went to an urgent care where I found out I was suffering from a simple sinus infection. Twat.
  2. When the work-appointed therapist told me I needed meds two years ago and I told my doctor what she said, he asked me what I'd like to try out...Like I was ordering dessert or something from a menu.
  3. Today he sucked his damn teeth when I told him I was seeing a therapist. He immediately asked for her name and dissed on the therapy technique she's going to try out on me. Mind you my face lit up as  I told him this.I've been suffering from the blahs again and finally someone wants to give me real answers...And he has the audacity to try to rip that joy away from me?! Twat.
  4. I went to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Doc the other day because my allergies and sinus issues have been off the chain. It only took him seconds to look in my ears and nose that my allergies are going crazy, I have chronic sianitus and a deviated septum. I told Doctor Ego about this and he scoffed yet again and said I don't have allergies or the other issues. Really?! I asked him why my throat was itching like it was on fire and how I had to take hard core allergy pills in order to ease my suffering. He said he didn't know what caused that, but it wasn't allergies. Really jackass? Twat.
  5. I told him I was looking for other alternatives other than drugs for my depression...looking into allergy issues (could be why I'm exhausted a lot of the time) diet (they say carbs and sugars can mess with your moods)...even my work environment can affect my highs and lows. The mother trucker had the nerve to scoff at this and say I should just stick to Lexapro. Then I kid you not, the twat actually said, "Patients suffering come to see me, begging for relief. I give them Lexapro and within 2 to 3 weeks these people are coming back to my office telling me I'm a god for helping them. I tell them I'm no god...but you know..."

YES, the twat actually bragged about being a god. He then whipped out his iPad and apped my prescription refill in to Walgreens. I almost threw up in my mouth.

I kept going to him before because I needed those damn drugs in order to maintain sanity (literally), but now that I have a team of folks working to make me better and looking at ALL aspects of what can make me better, I'm firing Doctor Ego. There's nothing worse than being will to keep it moving; and have to exhaust anything you have left to find a doctor. It hardly ever happens actually. Heck, J had to call my gyno and tell him there was an issue and if he didn't find me someone to help she'd make his life a living hell (In so many words) because I just couldn't fight anymore.

Dog days are over, yo!

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!



  1. Cue Florence + The Machine. :)

  2. Oh wow, he is horrible! I'm so glad that you are smarter than him and your own advocate. Does he really think he's an expert in all areas? How could he be so incompetent? He should lose his license!

  3. It's so hard to find a good doctor. I feel your pain.


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