30 for 30

My home girl bestie sent me the snazziest box, plum full of goodies that were either green or relating to the dirty 30. The only problem...the United States Postal Service decided to take 21 of my 30 gifts...They left me with 9. (Sorry had to add that last part for those mathematically challenged.) The sad part was/is I never would have known stuff was missing if I hadn't been on the phone with her . She asked why I wasn't pulling out the rest and that's when we figured out I had been hoodwinked...bamboozled...violated ON MY BIRTHDAY. I got teary-eyed. Not because I couldn't go on living unless they returned the green pinwheel she had packed, but because someone was crappy enough to decide to steal something so special to me. SO.NOT.COOL.

Have you ever had anything stolen? There's this weird thing your brain goes through...In one sense I felt like a spoiled little brat. Why shouldn't I just be happy I got anything at all? Maybe the person who stole needed that pinwheel like Charlie Sheen needs an interview. Then I switch to, "EFF THAT! I deserve my birthday gifts. They were meant for my heart and I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for wanting them!" Then I cry and repeat the whole thing.

Days later I'm still tiptoeing around the idea of 30. It's started kind of odd. Hoping it picks up some momentum soon.

A tiny silver lining in this sad little story: When I was on the phone with the USPS claims person, she asked me to list out the items missing. That list consisted of a hipster bracelet, green nail polish, green eye shadow, chives plant grow-pot, a thyme plant grow-pot, green Disney princess stickers, Starbucks (green) gift card, iTunes card, pinwheel, green ball that flashes, green highlighter, green pen w/flowers on it, a frog wind-up toy, a green moleskin journal, Larabars (green apple of course), a green bow tie, green tic tacs and many other snazzy things.

The woman's silence judged me and I giggled. I belong to a new generation of 30 somethings...We're goofy and weird and we most DEF dig thoughtful gifts (that only make sense to us)...whether we actually physically get them or not.

Mean corrupt thieves 0, silver linings 1.


  1. Yeah, that totally ruined my morning until I realized that it really was the thought that counts. And that I was lucky enough to have a best friend for so long that I was doing that for. And that I get to see her in April. Karma will get the mean corrupt thief! And hooray for kidults! :)

  2. That's really trifling that they opened your package, rifled through it and selected and removed only certain items and then closed it back up and sent the leftovers to you. It would almost have been better if you'd never gotten it so at least you could have imagined it was lost somewhere not in someone's grimy thievin' paws. People be trifling yo!

  3. shatty and then some, right?


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