It's coming...

I'm about to turn 30 tomorrow...

I've learned to avoid stores that have less than five pieces of frocks hung up and glorified. The air in there is more expensive than my car.

I've learned that cute aint' worth the bunions. I've accepted that heels and me have a love/disdain kind of relationship. They can come into my life for a couple of hours once a month (if that) and that's all. After playing with those bad boys for a night, I want to tie cement blocks around them and drown the mo fo's.

I've learned to never say never. Actually Feivel told me that when I was five, but I didn't get that I'd actually be in that group until my latter years.

I've learned the reasons why I battle with self. There's an idyllic me and who I really am. I haven't really gotten to that kiwirific place where the two come together and have inner peace, but at least I realize there's some match making in my future.

I've learned that the last day of your 20s is WEIRD. I don't feel different. I don't feel like I'm about to walk through an invisible force field of wisdom...and I'm just now realizing that I kinda thought I would. I was 13 when my mom turned 30. It seemed like a big deal to her. She faked the funk on that force field...swear she did.

I've learned. Period.

I'd say the 20s did everything they were supposed to do for me, personally. That epiphany alone means I'm getting more wrinkles...IN MY BRAIN!


  1. I remember my mom turning 30 and it seemed so old to have a parent who was THIRTY.. but now that I am on the door step of 30 (4.5 more months) it seems as if we are still kids... and that is why I love your "kidult" word!

    Have a great birthday girl! And may we continue to learn and grow through out our 30's as we have while in our 20's!


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