Dara Vision

Yesterday afternoon I met up with my good friend Dara for some much needed gab time. I need that girl's words like Octomom needs her tubes tied. I call it "Dara Vision" and D.V. is some damn powerful stuff when you're feeling sad, but know you're some how contributing to that sadness and need a good, healthy dose of real. Dara brings the real, but she does it gently...with positive intentions. Her advice lacks ego which is perfect if you're looking for earnest perspective.

So I met her and her little one for some D.V. and Porto's over on Magnolia Blvd. We grabbed our cheese rolls (if you're ever in LA I recommend you go to Porto's and get the damn cheese roll. It's heaven and then some.) and some caffeine-friendly beverages and sat down for a good hour to talk about life as we currently know it. I caught up on her new life as a mama. She's handling her new role like a rock star. She has a sense of humor, a strong will and a good heart--perfect mix for a cool mama mia. Her little one sat there quietly staring at all the wonderful new things around him as we laughed and shared the day away...perfectly content.

...And of course I learned some things as well. I learned that there's always two at fault and how it's your job as a big kid with a brave soul to find your fault in the pain. I learned sometimes you just need a "come to Jesus" moment and how you can't control how or who (for that matter) someone is. You can only control how you react to that someone. I also learned that Toddlers and Tiaras is frickin' addicting and even the strong-willed (such as Dara) aren't powerful enough to resist the crazy insanity known as pageant life gone ugly.

Most importantly, I got reconfirmation that sisters don't always come in the same package. Sometimes the best sisters are the ones you didn't meet until high school and then become close to until you both moved out to pursue your dreams in a faraway land.

Some days we allow our hearts to open up full. We perk our ears up and we shut our mouths because we're ready to hear the truth. We're ready to be better human beings. Yesterday was that day for me.

Good thing...any more time and I would have been a mean homeless woman sitting on a neighborhood corner tooting  with sick and twisted pleasure on the happy who happened to walk near me.


  1. Sounds like she is an amazing friend:) So happy you had a wonderful time:) Hugs and kisses, darling
    Happy V-day:)

  2. happy valentines day!

    ...gotta tell the other love stories sometimes :)

    friends SO count!


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