The Trip

Ho hum...Back from the beach watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs with the fella and wishing for the sounds of the ocean. Our normal non-vacation abode is 3 miles from the the only sounds we here are our annoying neighbors giggling. It doesn't lull me to sleep to say the least.

We ate good, we slept good, we lived good. That place was surreal...totally beautiful and quiet. We puttered around on our golf cart and planned our next visit. We've decided to make that a yearly spot we visit to recharge our "battries" like they do in London.

Parting with that place was a sweet, sweet sorrow...only made bearable by the thought that we'd return. I want the same spot, the same cart and that same bottle of wine we shared the last night there. We took that bad boy onto the beach and sat (shivering) watching the waves crash.


  1. Awwww so sweet. Now I'm jealous.

  2. Sounds lovely! So glad you guys had a good vacation! You're such a beautiful couple. :)

  3. Is that Baked Alaska I see?? Yumm!! What a perfect time!


  4. actually no. it was this glorious cheesecake with the cool little baked alaska flame thingies lol.

    i'm such a technical foodie, aren't i?

  5. Awww so glad you had a great time and those photos are so beautiful...Yummy cheesecake:) xoxo


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