Poignant Poop, Elegant Earwax

I'm not what you'd call a trained writer. I knew something was amok in elementary school when the teacher was trying her very bestest to teach me to hold my pencil correctly. To this day I rock a pen in an nontraditional...OK,plain out wonky way.

The physical weirdness of my pen-hold says oodles about me and this writing adventure I've been riding on. Am I trained formally? HECK NAW! Could I whip up something totally professional that Oprah would point out as poignant and relevant? Mmmm....probably not, but I do drive to work every day with a story in my head. Like yesterday the title for this post popped into my head. When you have that kind of stuff lightbulb-ing in, you really should share. (smiles)

I go a bit crazy if I don't get to write. I'm seriously addicted to jotting down thoughts. This goes way past the point of blogging. I've been writing in a journal since the tender age of six. I adore writing. I go beluga whale big phat crazy when I get to write about goofy stuff such as poop and earwax.

Someone once said I don't possess a filter. I don't know if it's necessarily a filter I lack. I definitely know when to shut my mouth and how to avoid an awkward conversation. It's more that my soul is completely wide open and I don't fear the topics that others find humiliating...such as tooting in their pants to become one with the world.

I don't mind sharing bathroom humor, a heart break or some random fancy I read in yesterday's newspaper. If sharing is wrong, I DON'T WANNA BE RIGHT!

Recently the FBGs asked me to write some stuff for Valentines Day. It got me thinking about all the stuff we're supposed to list that we love...This year I'm pretty infatuated with writing. Anything to do with writing! Pens, brainstorming, poems, creative processes, books, billboards, ads...I love it all!!!



  1. I totally love the way you are and your humor is excellent!!! Hugs and kisses on that lovely Thursday
    Muah, darling

  2. you're my favorite commenter (and only commenter) :)

    thanks for chirping positive energy my way. xoxo

  3. The way you hold your pen looks like it hurts your fingers. But, hey, who writes nowadays anyway? Doesn't matter how you hold your pen when you're vigorously texting on your phone or typing on your keyboard.


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