Not One Mean Bone...


I swear I could have watched these little deadly guys for days without uttering a single word. That's a whole heck of a lot considering I haven't shut my trap since 1984. So majestic...All they have to worry about is expanding and contracting...Moving in and moving out...taking in the world and letting it go.

Sounds like an ideal situation right? Way cooler than a groundhog.

That's my current battle. What to take in and what to let go...I'm working on a request from one of the two literary agents interested in my book. I have to send them a group of chapters, a biography and a one page synopsis. They give me the hoops. They tell me to jump and I ask how high. I looked at my manuscript for the first time in a long time yesterday. That's dangerous. One thing I've learned from reading other authors who have discussed publishing is that you can always find fault with your writing baby.

I cringe every time I read what I've written. My dear editor makes me want to throw myself off a cliff in shame every time I see a comment asking what something means. I don't know what it means!!! I don't know because my writing is a never ending balls of error!

Excuse me while I collect my self respect off the burly brown carpet in my living room.

Does this ever get easier? Oy vey.


  1. OMG I could watch that video over and over again...It has that relaxing vibe about it, doesnt it?
    Muah, sweetie

  2. i know right! i should have let the video cam go for longer...


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