Music Snots Anonymous

I admit it painfully...My guy listens to shit music... You know the crap that has lyrics like "I think you could be my soul mate because you have big breasts and can clap your ass. Let's get romantic. You just kiss my balls through my draws and we'll be happy campers."

I swear on Jill Scott, I'm being punished by the music gods for loving Color Me Bad... I just know it.


  1. As someone who really tries to quash the music snob in us all, there is a limit to what can be called 'music.'
    With lyrics like that... it's just shit.

  2. that says A LOT coming from you lol!

  3. really? kiss my balls through my draws...?

    Anything that awesome has to be music. :)

    I just found out Ash LOVES Bone Thugs 'n Harmony. It bothers me.

  4. Now I actually dig Bone Thugs lol...but the minute I heard Jay Z rap on Kanye's new album about the balls and draws I snapped.

    Stuff only makes me wish for lovelier times when that stuff was implied and sweet...Makes me feel old and crap.

  5. hahah...that is why Im listening to jazz:) Happy Sunday, sweetie. Enjoy watching Oscar's:)
    Hugs and kisses

  6. haha! I'm just glad to know that my guy's not the only one who listens to that shit!


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