Meet Mr. and Mrs. Excellence

I would normally agree with others like me who are mildly good at most things that people who are great at most things should be locked up in a dungeon...sentenced to a life of wedgies and taunting. I can't really hang with that kind of mean energy though when it comes to Mr. and Mrs. Excellence. These two newlyweds are the quintessential excellent couple.

Not only did they date for years and years long distance and make that ish look sweet and romantic, they recently pulled off THE best wedding I think I've ever been to. So yes, as a couple they are most excellent, but that's not even why I gave them their frickin' names!!!

Last Friday Jersey and I headed down to Long Beach to hang with his gang of buds. (Mr. and Mrs. E are in this group.) We walked into their new place for the first time and my jaw dropped. Like always, Mrs. E touches something and it turns into something totally awesome with taste and art awesomeness pooing out of it. It's almost not fair how much artistic talent this chick has in her little pinky. She's a passionate graphic designer and a total magnet for all things snazzy.

Case in point: I recently went on her Facebook page and saw that she had found some sticks from outside, painted them, and stuck them in beautiful glass jars. VOILA! Instant art. She makes sticks cool. Who makes sticks cool? MRS. E!

Then there's her wonderful husband, Mr. E.

Mr. E is a chef...but not just any old chef. This dude experiments and comes up with dishes that have never let me down. Once he brought a Peruvian yellow sauce to one of our beach BBQ parties to put on grilled baked potatoes. Really? Because sour cream ain't cool enough, right? Dang...

So Friday Mr. E. had this smorgasbord of goodies for us to eat...Some kimchi, these amazing Korean bun thingies that I can't remember the name of along with other goodies including baby octopi. I TRIED A BABY OCTAPUS! You the one from Finding Nemo..."You made me ink!" It was definitely a brave food moment for me, but I can't take all the credit. The dude can cook. I'm pretty confident that he can do no wrong in the cocina. And that little squid was delish BTW.

For dessert we feasted on homemade red wine ice cream (you don't even know!) and macaroons that brought me back to someone's motherland...wherever those darn things were invented...that's where I went.

After dinner the men retreated to the couches for some basketball stuff while the women went up to Mrs. E's (of course) awesome office where we discussed a pal's upcoming wedding and invitation stuff. She has every cool needed for snazzy designing. I realized up there in the little office of snazz that they both excel (and then some) at what they love. How many people can claim they actually rock at what they do for a living? Not many. You'll never catch me saying that...that's for darn skippy.

It's always fun hanging with those two. Inspiration to boot.


  1. It's great to have inspiring friends! :)

    P.S: I'm having an awesome designer dress giveaway... interested? ;)

  2. They really sound great and I totally have to try painting sticks:) I've seen them before and the look so cool:) Happy Tuesday, sweetie pie

  3. @Gabby Inspiring, yes indeed! :) Keeps me on my toes ;)

    @Diana Definitely show pics if you do! Happy Tuesday!


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