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With big kid relationships comes big kid fights~Tish McEffinMerritt

The other day Jersey and I got into a good ole fashioned, real fight. You know, the kind that can shatter windows and stack walls and walls of silence between you and your boo. I was so frickin heated that I didn't think in a million years I would ever find my way out of that maze of mad, but I did. (batting eyes)

It's for that reason alone I can tell you about the funny I made during the mad period. (Some day when I'm a well-known writer people will define my 'periods'...this is the mad period. Remember that.)

So...according to Jersey I allegedly got out of bed, reached over him and grabbed the pillow he was hugging as he half-slept. I threw the pillow on the ground and then got back into bed like nothing had happend.

Can you say psycho sleeper?
OK, I've never slept walk...I talk sometimes, but it's been a looong time so this just takes the cake, now doesn't it? Who does that?! A really mad mama jama weirdo that's who!


  1. Dag woman, that's messed up. And hilarious! You sleep meanly.

  2. I use to have full conversations with my ex when I was sleep but I've never thrown anything.

  3. lol...I hadn't either until recently although I'm still not convinced entirely that I indeed did it.

    It's not my steelo.

  4. daaaamn, LOL...hateful! lol you're little story just made me crack up.

  5. lol what can I say, I'm a foul human being


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