Kindred Souls...

I have a tendency of answering people's morning greetings with farting sounds.

...I'll put my hand under my armpit and then proceed to make real farting sounds. This is how I show them I care. It's also how I show them I'm weird and maybe they shouldn't bother me until I've had my morning cup of java.

I did this yesterday to a coworker and he replied back how weird I was. I said thank you and went about my business.

Yesterday evening I went to my gym class. It's called Butts & Gutts. I love that vulgar, so crass, so ME! So yeah, I'm chillin on a floor mat waiting for the instructor (who happens to be my boo, Jersey.)

He comes in and starts making farting sounds. I've known him for a couple of years now, but I never in that time knew he spoke toot talk.

My heart lit up. Kindred souls indeed...


  1. hahaha..that is such a cool post. You my dear, made me laugh out loud twice today:) Thanks for that. Have a great one

  2. :) Glad you giggled. Some day I shall post my toot talk in action.


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