Just in Time for Black History Month...

So it's no secret that my guy has the slowest liver known to man. Don't look at his perfectly chiseled bawd because that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that he's three sheets to the wind after one glass of beer. I'm talking LIGHT WEIGHT. Usually this is adorable and cute, but the other night we were celebrating a birthday in Hollywood and he was loopy 20 minutes in. We packed up early because I could tell he was gonna go down HAWD. He got in the car...eyes closed...calm. We pull up to the parking ticket booth and BAM! He hits me with the obnoxious drunkard man. He opens his eyes, looks over at the ticket guy and says, "Thanks Papi!"


Oh.My.God. My people's history is flashing through my eyes. I'm seeing MLK rallies, lynchings, Emmett Till's mama and my small, but significant battles to overcome racism. Then I come to and wait for Mr. Filipino to get bitch slapped by the man who's been forced to flashback to Cesar Chavez.

I've never wanted to jab someone so hard in the throat before. Yes, I'm mixed...Half white, half black, but I'm 100% militant as a muther trucker when it comes to race and race sensitivity. This is what happens when you date me. You pull a stupid and I pull out Eyes on the Prize, The Black List, and a book by Gloria Anzaldua.

Fight the power.


  1. You are hilarious. Reading your blog makes me realize I am WAY too serious on mine, I'm going for fun this year. I clicked on your link from dooce.com and I will sure to be back...cut your dude some slack, everyone puts their foot in their mouth sometimes, especially after a lil truth serum. I want to move to LA - asap...I going, going back, back to Cali, Cali...going back to CALI!

  2. lol but it's just so darn fun!

    thanks for reading!!!


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