The iPhone

Have I ever mentioned that I'm poor? Well, I like to tell people I'm investing in myself meaning I'm paying off mounds of debt so I never have the cash to do anything frivolous...that includes shopping for cute shoes, buying fun jewelry and most importantly it means no iPhone just because I want one.

My current beat up mother trucker works just fine. (It just looks like a hot tranny mess.) That means I can't rationalize going out, picking up a new phone plan and totally awesome, mama jamma rockin' phone. It's sad, but whatever. I can't wait for the day when all I have to worry about is which savings account to send funds to. What a glorious moment that will be. That thought gives me a much better high than a pair of shoes I'll wear once before switching back to my beloved chucks that's for darn skippy!

I can deal until I'm confronted with an iPhone user and then my bottom lip trembles a bit. The other night I went and saw a movie. As I was walking in to the theater a group of 16 year old girls invaded my personal bubble in hopes that I would buy them tickets to a Rated-R film I was also going to see. I usually don't do that ish because I'm a wholesome geek and I'm terrified they'll catch me and send me to the naughty girl's jail, but I was feeling oddly brave so I got them tickets. They then proceeded to sit down with me in the theater restaurant as I waited for B.

Awkward to talk to a group of high school chickaroos? Yes. I felt old. Really old. And dorky but I managed to talk them up. That is until they all whipped out their iPhones and then my lip trembled and I had to pretend like I didn't notice that people half my age have the awesomeness my little heart desires.

It's fine. Really...

Just give me a minute to collect my...(muffled cries)


  1. well i hope you learned something, next time you buy teeny boppers illegal movie tickets - charge them an iphone. their rich mommies and daddies can but them a new one.

  2. Ohh sweetie.. I know what you mean...The other day I saw like a 12 year-old texting from from an iphone. Happy Tuesday
    hugs and kisses


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