I'm Currently...

...Working on a literary agent request to provide an author's bio among other things...

I've paced in front of the laptop (which has no name) for days now. Yesterday I found inspiration from a Twitter friend so maybe my fear luck will change. Gotta love social networking I say!

"The real question, then, is: What makes a writer? Unfortunately, a few sentences cannot answer that. A writer is made by writing, and by reading, and by living: going to work, and eating, and being bored, being loved and being hurt, being held by your mother (or not), by sleeping, by waking up from bad dreams, by erasing one sentence, and rewriting it, erasing it again. All that, you see, cannot be summed up in a jacket flap."

Now doesn't that just sum it all up and then some? Ironically...lol

The picture I shall send along with my packet came in the mail yesterday. That means today I have to stop playing fear factor with my words and just do the damn thing.

Sigh...Will any of this EVER get easy?


  1. Hmm..true! Hope you are doing well with your author's bio, sweetie
    Happy Sunday


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