Humoring Those Girly Whims


this is the nook that makes me want to paint my toenails pink

i want those yellow they come in size ginormous?

i realize this is a kid's room. don't care. give me a kid's book and leave me alone

Elie Saab makes me want to be rich.

Let's ignore the price and adore, mmmkay pumpkin?

This is too, TOO clever for words.

Need I say more dawwwlings?

I'm a product whore. Love the packaging. Love the name. I want a fable for my face!

I saw this bed set at Nordstroms and queefed a little.

This artist on Etsy really melts my butter. Been wanting this set of prints for months now.

These come in size 11!!! Now if I can just tell my more dominant boyish side they're ok to rock we're set!



Pearls are a gal's best friend.


  1. Seeing you swoon over shoes makes my heart happy :) You've come a long way my dear. Also, can't help with the throw pillows and blanket but if you want the bed set from Nordstroms....i have an almost identical one that I got at Target. The buttons are different but otherwise it's just the same (except much much less expensive).

  2. send me a picture kaela! when did you get it?

  3. Hmmm...I think I got it about a year and a half ago but I've seen it there since. In one of the photos of my living room furniture on my facebook page you can see my bed in the background.

    But here is the target link.

  4. your inspiration is so the photos
    keep your head up about what you posted on fb girlie...i know you'll be a success

  5. Elie Saab rocks my world too right now:) Such a cool picks, sweetie. hugs and kisses


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