A Dream Deferred...

Man I had the worst kind of day yesterday. Not only was I dealing with personal problems that are still too raw to discuss in a humorous way, but as I was winding down from my monotonous warty ole work day I received an email from my agent...Let's just say I wasn't a happy camper...

So yeah...Those photos that I was oh-so-geeked about...well because my agent knew they were done by a friend, she's making a big stink. They're good pictures and I did EXACTLY what she wanted, but she probably has some friend on the inside (i.e. they're a photographer looking for work) so she wanted to see if I'd take the bate. She thought I was bluffing when I said I didn't have the cash to be throwing away on new pictures every darn year. Mind you she has YET to book me a job. This is the crap you deal with if you want to be an actor. People with mommies and daddies who can afford to keep shelling out silly fluff money to appease the greedy get ahead because they can afford a grip of new pictures every two weeks to show folks they have the money and they're not doing this for financial gains...they're just seriously that passionate. Excuse me while I barf.

After reading that email from The Agent yesterday I sat at my desk and cried. I've gone from super intense to a deflated hot mess. Five years of this and I'm still right at the beginning. The friend making the movie...you know, the one with the real actors in it...he texted me the other day to tell me he was boarding with one of his prominent stars from the flick. Must.Be.Nice.

Is this all a hint? Almost 30 and still wondering what I'll be when I grow up...

*In response to this news my twin in DC (known as Twinkie) sent me THIS


  1. agreed!! hahaaaa!! love the monk!
    tish, can we talk, please? i have so much to share about all this. i'll facebook you my cell number.

  2. ..oh hope everything will work out just fine../Marie

  3. Thanks ladies :) Hopefully it will be...Just breath, right?


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