Coachella Homework

I'm going to Coachella again!!! Now that the party in my pants has subsided, I can calmly tell you about my plan of action. You see I feel that it's quite ridiculous to pay all that money to go see a weekend-long concert if you only know like 3 or 4 bands therefore/entonces I am going to try to get hip on as many bands as I possibly can before April 15th.

My darling Twinkie has decided to help me with my specialness by sending me weekly CDs containing the sounds of folks who will be performing.

So far the list includes the Black Keys, Gogol Bordello, Erykah Badu's latest and Mumford and Sons. First I started with the Keys. Once I get a nice and good feel for them I'll switch to Mumford and so on and so on...

I'm going to be that REALLY annoying girl that knows the words to every song at every stage. : )


  1. That's not annoying at all. It's always better to know the music of the band you're seeing. It's great to see someone new that you'd never heard of and discover a new band. But it's more fun to already know the songs you like and be able to sing along. More CDs coming.


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