Closer to My Dreams

When I first moved out to Los Angeles (and was desperate for friends) I met this guy who I knew was a bit weird...a bit on the special side, but he asked me to go to this concert with him...He went on and on about this Bay area chick named Goapele so I started listening to her tunes and fell in love.

I ended up with a weird foot injury the day of the concert so I wasn't able to attend, but I never stopped loving that darn woman's music. Her song Closer is my theme song for sure. (Used to be my Myspace profile song...that's how deep my love runs.)

For Valentines Day Jersey got us tickets to her show at the Troubadour and it was everything and then some. She's full of light. Yes, I'm about to get real hippie-like on ya'll! Her energy was lovely. She stood up there in front of all of us and spoke about her past...little stories that explained why she wrote and continues to write. It wasn't long before my eyes were closed and my hips were swaying back and forth. She got funky. She got real. She bellowed out sweet and radiated strength. It was so much more than a concert. It was the perfect love note. (Thanks to Jersey)

That was some kind of night...

This dude...I saw him up in the area where she was getting ready and I said, "That's Dave Chapelle!" and everyone around me kept saying na na...he's too thick to be Dave. Hmph.

Can you detect where the irony is in my decision to keep rolling?

...And then she sang my song and I cried a bit. Some day this song will come full circle for me. That's what it's all about after all, right?



  1. i remember seeing her in baltimore a few years ago. she opened for floetry. that was a pretty nice concert!

  2. I love your song and so lovely of your boyfriend to get tickets for her show:)She really is amazing! Kisses, darling


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