Chocolate and Hummus Distractions

Something's not right...

Last night's Oscars was the first time I didn't cry. It was the first time I yawned...turned away...stuffed my face with chocolate and store-bought dips (that weren't all that) in order to escape the ho hum (and might I add awkwaaaaard) stuff happening last night.

I loved Natalie Portman's speech. She was humble, intelligent, sweet and lovely but that's about it. The rest was a bit forgettable...not even my prom dress and chucks worked I'm afraid.

Thank GAWD for Diva Dara and the ladies of La La Land for their glorious banter and enchanting sass. For without them, I would have been at home...alone...wondering what the heck is happening to my dream and my body...that size 2 high school prom dress was QUITE depressing to 'slip' into.

I came home, slipped into my favorite kind of Tishy wear, and let Lena Horne's quote begin to resonate a bit.

"It is not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.”


  1. Haha..that last photo is so cute! Natalie was wonderful and I also loved her speech:) Muah,sweetie

  2. lol it takes guts posting acne mask pics on your blog yo!


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