Chasing the Unicorn: A 2011 Reality

Bless my beloved buddies...

I think it's not such a surprise that my dreams of one day acting are starting to fade. A good friend decided to write to someone she knows in the business. I think I was more upset for her...realizing it's a shatty time to be chasing the Industry is something I'm used to, but she still has hope for me and wacky ways.

Her friend sent back a so many words:

Well I mean to be honest there really isn't any rhyme or reason to the game. Its quite unpredictable and definitely not color favorable. Its tough right now for name actors to get roles, keep agents, etc. And especially African Americans...its almost like they are trying to eliminate black people from the game entirely. My real answer I want to say is tell her to run and have a normal life...because wasting it chasing the wind won't bring you happiness. However I'm not in the business of crushing dreams so I would tell her to just continue to persevere.
I've been quite an emotional draining drone this week...with an apparent love for alliteration. Dang!


  1. What a sweet friend and I totally have to keep on going and adding new stuff to your resume:)Everything will be great!!! I know it:) Sending hugs and kisses, my lovely:) Happy Sunday


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