I work with a groovy chick who I lovingly refer to as Boston. Her accent is absolutely adorable...especially when she's speaking Spanish...with a Puertorican/Bostonian accent. Love.It.

She's from a city I've always wanted to visit...the history, the architecture and the colorful folks. I've attempted to get her to open up about that wonderful little city, but the only thing miss thang divulges is that it was cold there. (This coming from a chica who loves to wear as little shoe as possible.)

She's just one of those quirky, wonderful people around the office that save me from knocking my head against a printer over and over again. Recently she plopped a cup on my desk that had me chuckling in my chucks.

Being that I'm a hot tranny mess when it comes to me and the entertainment industry, this gift was quite relevant. Don't ya think?


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