Recently I wrote a rant about the apartment pit of despair we currently reside in. We've been frantically looking for a new place that lacks critters, crawlers, cracks and crust, but to no avail.

We THOUGHT we had found mecca. We use this site called and it's pretty snazzy. It takes the traveling out of the search...but it doesn't give the full scoop. We found this apartment complex in the downtown area of LA and we were so geeked it wasn't even funny. The complex's web site promises indoor basketball courts, a Pilates center, gyms, libraries, pools, bowling alleys as well as granite countertops (tear) and beautifully new non-whack rooms with lots of space.

Then Jersey finds this:  Reviews of Hell Hole Apartment #2 . My little balloon of hope popped and hurt my heart.

Are you kidding me?! Car theft, dirty windows (that one really got me), $500 to use a flippin movie room...Huh?! Wha?!

...And we're back to the grind.


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