the year of the rat

2007 is almost over...a couple more hours and i can say good bye to probably the most difficult but positive life-changing year of my adult life. i was given this amazing gift you see...the gift of change.

we receive these moments of hardship. at this point you can either complain and cry "why me" or you can realize how precious the pain can be. for some reason roses and smiles don't really propel us into takes intense changes to shake us to our core and help us grow and for the first time in my life i didn't run from the tears, my responsibilities, my faults and definitely i didn't run from the truth. i'm no longer scared of change because i'm solid now if that makes sense.

for the first time ever this new years means something to me. i am connected to the "yet to come" and i'm confident in my future because i've become the woman i've always deep down wanted to be. i have amazing dreams and amazingly good people around me and things just feel right. there's a buzz...i'm different now and i have 2007 to thank for it.

i'm so excited for the year of the rat. i don't have resolutions per say...i just can't wait to see what the new me will do. it gives me chills just thinking about the good to come.

tonight i'm going to a house party to ring in the new year with friends. we'll drink and be merry, play games and enjoy each other's company. in the past i would obsess over the date i had to have, the relationship that would surely follow...that's it!!! that's all my silly little mind could wrap my wishes and dreams i was limiting my world so much. this year i want me and the limits, no expectations other than to be the best me i can be...i want to be great.

with that being said my motto for this year, the year of the rat is "fascinate the greats in 2008"...i'm gonna make my mark ya'll. :)

to all my loved ones thank you and i hope this year is just as great for you all as well...and for all my milestone moments. i remember, i learned and i will continue to grow.


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