sign on the dotted line

i just signed on the dotted line today!!! i signed with bmg modeling! yeah yeah yeah!

to celebrate i came home and had ramen noodles and sangria...i'm a classy broad let me tell ya! it was cool though. i spent the majority of my day dozing off in front of my computer...coming up with new and creative ways for my hair to cover up my eyes so no one could see the eye-droppage : ) then i got to switch it all up. i guess this really does give me incentive to get my frickin skinny flabby butt in the gym...fine j! fine!

can i just tell ya'll that i had a dream last night that dealt with the themes kind of like those in black like me...i had to differentiate black impersonators from the real black people to save them from destruction....heavy? now you know why i was falling asleep!

tonight is heroes...i have to watch my husband, hiro. (did ya'll know i have a thing for asian guys?)

it's on! ciao! (yeah to me!)


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