Rip Van Winkling...Yes, It's an adverb now.

Thank you Baby Jesus for the pizza Jersey left for me in the fridge...Without which I surely would have perished.

Have you ever been ill for more than a month straight? I mean I'm going on two months now and last night was a bit scary. Last night I cried myself to sleep, not one, not two, but THREE times because I really did think I wouldn't wake up in the morning.

While a sister can indeed breath, it's shallow and it hurts to do so. It feels like I have stone lungs. The up and down motion pains me. It just makes me want to sleep and forget. Luckily my body is allowing me to sleep...lots. Like I'm Rip Van Winkling my way through the days.

I'm dreaming crazy dreams about seeing ghosts because I'm close to death and then Jersey turns on the lights and rabid dogs are laying at the foot of my bed...Except for now they're awake and OPE! My dream has switched to some Romy and Michele weirdness and I'm now a white girl and I'm sneaking someone's Valentines dress...strapless of course. I would NEVER wear strapless if it were left up to me.

I love my brain's sense of humor:

"Ooo, I'm gonna give Tishy crazy dreams so that when she awakes and is still in a weak state of mind, they will eff her shit up."

Being sick is usually temporary and manageable for me. I buy a Naked Smoothie from the store, I take it easy in the gym and VOILA! I'm back to good in 2 to 3 days. This bastard of a virus living in my lungs laughs at codeine cough syrup, he mocks antibiotics, and he pisses and then kicks dirt on vitamin C and rest.

I just typed "durt" and had to wait for spellcheck to correct me...

Back to bed I go. If I die please give my My So-Called Life collection to a deserving watcher. Give my favorite new writing pen I received from Christmas to my Godkiddo, Whitley Schmitley, because she wants to be a writer some day. Jersey can have anything in the apartment he wants although I'm pretty sure people will think him morbid so sale everything and use the cash to go on a killer snowboarding trip. Jersey, you can date, but only after mourning me for a considerable amount of time...J will determine that time for you.

I have a shaking suspicion I'll be down and out for quite some time I'm leaving you with little videos of what I do when I'm home alone, bored out of my frickin mind.


  1. Oh man. You just look around your apartment and talk to yourself when you're sick. Poor thing. Hope you feel better soon. Kiwi is starting to get concerned about her god-dog-mommy.

  2. I'm so sorry your still sickly!! Hang in there...saying prayers for a recovery soon!


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