Ocean Side

A moment of truth: I'm still taking happy pills to keep the chemicals balanced, but that doesn't stop the world from overwhelming me until I'm huddled in a corner counting imaginary scabs and screaming at lint floating in the air. Just saying...

I catch myself wondering if the pills are working or if life is just beating me down...I was wondering that last week and then my lovely boyfriend told me what he wanted to do for his birthday (finally!) and I knew it wasn't a lack of pill power because I immediately lit up. We're taking holiday, dearest chaps!

We're driving up the coast later today. We're staying in this beautiful sanctuary and we're gonna enjoy the sheer beauty of doing absolutely nothing together. You heard me right. We plan to throw blankets on the beach, pop open a bottle of wine and sit there quietly listening to the ocean...and we're going to do this for more than 5 minutes!

I'm going to read damn it! He's going to let the silence be his friend and we're going to breath in and out with something we haven't known for quite some time--inner calm.

Ain't that a hoot!?

I'm also gonna squeeze a much needed massage into those plans. I can't wait, oh I can't WAIT! I just know time's gonna be on crack today JUST because my body, soul and sheer will needs this damn trip. Whatever. It'll all be worth it in the end.

Picture me ocean side gangstas!


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