The Most Important Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Gumshoes, I need your help!

I've been writing this beloved blog of bline mine for almost five years now and I want to take my little one global. I want THE BLOGGIE. (I say this like a red neck country bumpkin. I suggest you do the same.)

If you could...I would absolutely LOVE it if you nominated Luv & Kiwi for an award. It only takes a couple of seconds. If you do so I'll do a little sumpin' sumpin' for you. Oh yeah....I'll write a little spiel about you...word?! true Luv & Kiwi fashion. I'll even tell a toot story if your dear heart wishes it.

Pleeeeeease help me. I'm trying to get a book published and this would really, really REALLY help that process along...For some reason the bloody wankers love to publish people who are all somebodies already.

You can nominate me by clicking HERE and entering my web address under whichever category you deem appropriate. I'm not from New Zealand. Don't pick that one!

"You're nobody until somebody loves you..." Remember those lyrics. They suck balls with boobies on them.

Luv & Kiwi,



  1. Done. :)

    I would like my shout out to not have to do with tooting ;)

  2. you make me laugh...and funny...I just saw a comment from you as I'm reading yours...will be nominating you right now...and happy to do so without anything don't worry about that

  3. Ha! Too late Ms M...I nominated your blog for the parenting category ;)

  4. Ok.. am I doing something wrong... cause I don't know a total of 3 blogs in the catagories I am nominating yours for... So Confused!!

  5. I can help! : )

    You can put these blogs in other categories:

    parenting blog--

    asian blog--

    and then mine in whatever categories you want :)

  6. I am new to your blog, and very much in love with it:-) I will check the website out, and try to vote for you...But I am dying to know what your book is about!

  7. Thank you very kindly madame!

    I like that I have someone eager to read the book. I sat up a bit straighter after reading that ;)


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