the kid’s got moxie

o my homie, ms. lex, schooled me on some great urban lingo a bit ago. how many points do i lose for writing "urban lingo"?

i knew about gumption but moxie is pretty fly. j and i were discussing new positive words for sneaky (it has such a negative connotation) and low and behold moxie has a sneaky definition: Being so sly and sneaky you could even steal your own pants.

that has nothing to do with anything but it's good to share what you've learned for the day when ya can, right? learning is the key. i'm about to host a little slumber party for some goyles i know in need of some girl time and the goal is to give them some stuff to take home to mama too. give 'em a little moxie ; )

i'm a bit distracted right now though...american idol is cracking me up. i love people. i just love the possibility of learning someone's story, how they react in the face of's just a good day to learn i guess. i try to get friends to share with me what they've learned for the day...cheating on the bits o' wisdom but oh well

learnings half the battle.


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