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Can you guess why I loved this picture so very much?

I'm sorry, but my arse twitches a tiny bit when I tell someone what I'm reading and they groan, snarl, or roll their eyes in pretentious disgust because I'm not reading some classic collecting dust on my shelf.

I will not apologize for loving fiction. I need to be entertained. Shoot me with a pistol from one of your oh-so-important books.
Yes, a good memoir/biography/non-fiction bookaroo makes its way onto my shelf from time to time, BUT it's usually followed by three or more whimsical delights to balance that ish out. What's the big deal anyways? I swear my Nook is the best invention ever, because it takes away that whole annoying scenario of someone seeing what you're reading and deciding they have the right to comment. Uh uh...Don't comment. This is me and the book's time. There's no room for you. This isn't magic circle... No need to express your opinions. Nope...I'm good. 

I judge books by their covers...not people by their books so when peeps do that to me, my arse begins to twitch. The minute I saw this picture from an Apartment Therapy shelf my heart glowed. Bring on the Twilight love damn it!

ReadingAn Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination

On Bookshelf: The Glass Castle, Decoded, Little Bee

What will never be on the shelf: Boring arse shat that people say is brilliant because they're supposed to think it's brilliant...in order to appear smart and fancy.


  1. Hahah I love reading your posts...Thanks for the giggle, sweetie!!! That bookshelf look great and I wish I could find some extra time to read more..I need to do something about it!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. I'm glad! : )

    Reading is definitely a luxury I don't take advantage of enough. It used to take me days to finish a book...now it's months.

    At least we can look at pretty bookshelves, though!

  3. Totally agree -- I actually refuse to feel guilty for reading anything lowbrow. If I have free time and I'm reading and not watching TV, that's more than enough to pat myself on the back! :-)

  4. A book shelf is not complete with out all of the Twilight Saga :)


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