i felt my purpose...don’t take that in a naughty way

i just got out of a pretty darn awesome meeting. i just got a raise and promotion so we were discussing in this meeting when to tell the staff among other things and my director said, "you do realize this means you are obligated to stay with us for another year". i agreed and then added, "unless halle or a soap calls and then i gots to go" and i was completely serious. it felt oh so good to say that out loud...to my director of all people. it felt real... confidence felt good. "really goood" (nacho libre)

(flashback) i remember sitting at a bus stop outside of one of my college classes reading _white teeth_ and telling a boy i had just met (soon to become one of my best buds) in a confidant manner that i was going to be an actress. he told me years later that he never forgot "that tish"...a girl who knew her future and one that he believed possible.

good to know i'm still in there!

i walked out of my office building and just felt this wonderful breeze of peace and calm... i just felt like it's going to happen soon--that my life will have the purpose i have lived and worked hard for--like the trees swaying i will do what i am supposed to do too.

i've made some terrible mistakes, followed along paths that lead to not so great things but it all prepared me to be something...i'm gonna be somethin' ya'll!!!


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