Chests and Boxes

So Jersey and I were watching this indie film called Me and You and Everyone We Know...weird and totally random, but much like a guy diggin in his nose on the just can't look away.

There's all these really quirky odd people walking around doing quirky things in it including this little girl with a hope chest she keeps meticulously stocked with all the home essentials every gal would need come her wedding day. (You have to watch the flick. You'll giggle. Trust me.)

Any who,  it got me thinking of my own hope sits in my mother's bedroom back in the Midwest. It's filled with homecoming mums and old of my father and other things the kid in me deemed nerdy pencils and the little love note Christopher Thompson gave to me in the 4th grade. (I use love note loosely...In actuality he pulled a Mr. Darcy and told me not to change anything...I took that as he wanted to marry me and pick me every time in Thumbs Up 7 Up.)

I'm wishing I had filled that darn wooden chest with white fluffy towels to go in my huge master bath, Egyptian cotton sheets for that beautiful princess bed, books for my built-in bookshelves and kitchen toys for me to tinker around with in my huge arse kitchen. I made a boo boo by filling my box with all those silly memories instead of the hard core house goods a true gangsta of the hearth needs.

Here's the rub associated with living in Los Angeles and trying to pursue that acting thing the young ones are gabbing on about: You're more than likely going to live in a shatty arse apartment and you shall do it for a long time. Jersey and I have been searching every darn apartment guide out there for a decent apartment...and when I mean decent I'm talking lack of black mold, management that will actually fix doors so that they'll stay on the hinge...that kind of stuff that separates the slum lord from the heavenly angels. I'm gangsta...not ghetto! It's hard out there for a pimp! I want all you fortunate souls with washers and dryers to go to your appliances, hug them long and hard, give them an extra shake of love and then think of me...

My box didn't prepare me for life as I know it today. I'm wondering how many times I can write box before you start giggling in a perverted manner.


  1. I will be sure to check that movie out, as I said before....I have time. It is mighty boring being ill. All the movie ideas youve got, bring em on!:-)

  2. Ooo la la

    Well if you have a lot of time to kill I suggest Pillars of the Earth. Do you have Netflix? It's in the Starz category. Good good stuff :)


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