Boys Always Get the Better Toys...

I love the way guys get to snazzy up. Cuff links, suspenders, BOWTIES...They're so much cooler and quirkier than the stuff they give us girls to show off. These by far are my favorite accessories.

Every time I wear them I turn into the Tiger Lady (aka Diane Keaton) from Baby Boom. I feel totally bad I could move to the country and make baby food out of all the apples in my yard.

I just finished browsing Madeleine Albright's book, Read My Pins. I'd never really noticed her obsession with pins, but after perusing the pages of her picture book I found myself chuckling. I totally dig that she expresses herself through pin. hee hee...Tickles me green. So much more interesting than a pimped out pinky ring or a boring old bracelet.

Someday I'll invent an accessory unlike any other accessory that's ever lived and people will worship and adore me for my clever bling bling. They'll say, "Heyyyyyyyyy," and I'll say "Yoooooooo, pretty swell, right!" and then I'll strut down the street/road/runway/red carpet/book shop just like J.J. from Good Times.

Word to your mother.


  1. Its beautiful:) Have a great Thursday,sweetie
    How is your week so far?

  2. Thanks Diana!

    The week is I live for sleep right now.


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