Blue Valentine (no spoilers)

I saw Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams' flick, Blue Valentine, last night...My thoughts? It's a cross between Revolutionary Road and 500 Days of may not be the movie for you.Summer.

Some movies are just begging to expose every insecure thought you could possibly be having about the relationships in your life. I could feel different parts of the movie absorbing different thoughts of the people sitting around me. The minute someone squirmed I knew the movie was doing a number on them. The sick part was NO ONE got up to leave once the credits started. It was as if they're ability to walk had left them when their souls had been ripped from their chests.

It was even-paced...slow...deliberately sweet so that later it could be deliberately painful to watch. I left the theater needing a hug and a new brain-mine was completely used and abused.

Would I recommend it? Only to those I think could handle it for its artistic merit. If you're like me...if you lose yourself the minute the film starts rolling...immerse yourself into the characters and forget who just slapped who because your face and hand both hurt...well this may not be the one movie I'd chose over all others to watch this month.


  1. Ohh it sounds really good..I really love movies that stay with me for a few days. Thanks,sweetie
    Wish you a great weekend
    Hugs and kisses


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