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Fly on the Wall...

I'm absolutely, positively obsessed with looking at other's peoples' spots and seeing how they organize, decorate and chill in the space they call their own. I've never really possessed any kind of personal point of view when it comes to living space aesthetic, but I'm quick to point out I can spot good taste quickly. That's got to count for something, right?

Spot the books on wall paint job?



I swoon when someone figures out what rug 'goes'. colors perplex me...textures bamboozle me so hard I end up wanting to wind my butt and scratch my watch. That's OK though...virtual stalking is more fun anyhow...one can get bored looking at the same living room day in and day out. That's what I tell myself to sleep at night anways.


  1. hahaha..I also love sneak peeks..Its really fun to see their style and their creativity
    Happy Friday,darling

  2. I love the living room! Gives me inspiration for my own living room!

  3. Curse you! I am addicted now.

    Also, after rambling about this site for twenty minutes, one of my design-obsessed c-workers directed me here for ultra modern designs: http://www.trendir.com/


  4. oh...i'm so not worthy for that site. it's yummy.


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