A Year of Luvin' and a Lot of Kiwi!

2010...What can I say about the year?

I decided if I was going to wake up and smell the roses, I might as well see the joy I'd be smelling so I went under the laser and corrected my batty blindness for good. I ran my first marathon and figured out I can seriously do whatever the heck I put my mind too. I grabbed a groovy guy named Jersey and got my very first real big kid relationship. I finished a significant edit on my book and walked the plank--submitting my baby to literary agents around the country in hopes of getting a bite. I got two nibbles and I'm now waiting for one of those two precious people to take a big ole bite out of it and say welcome home Tishy Pooh.

I traveled to Chicago for a Fit Bottomed Girl/Nike event and met even more lovely people who inspire, educate and entertain the stuffins out of me. To meet men and women who travel the world writing what they're passionate about...well it's enough to keep stars in my eyes and push my pen even further. Jersey and I hosted our first adult party which we so eloquently named "The Living in Sin Party" and officially announced to the world we're loony...living in luuuv.

I became a Spartan and gained a sister in a gal who was willing to stay behind and keep me from collapsing into a pool of fowl smelling ice cold water. I met Jay Leno, too!

...And of course I came up with two lovely characters for my blog that brought a new umph to my level of goofiness and crass. Luv and Kiwi are my children and make blogging even more delightful.

Basically, I had a darn tootin' good year!

I have mad beautifully crazy plans for 2011...I shall call it my top seven in 2011:
  1. I want to read books that captivate--and toss the ones that bore. No more fighting it until the end of the last dismal page!
  2. I will remember to have fun while working out. I spent a good part of 2010 pushing my body to its limits...which explains why I've had a terrible cold for over a month now. 
  3. I will keep pushing on with my book. I know in my heart I've written something special and I can't WAIT to see my baby chillin on a Barnes and Noble bookshelf.  
  4. I will visit my kid sis in S. Korea and see some of the world.  
  5. I plan to shimmy up some hype for my blog...More readers is the name of the 2011 game! I also plan to continue writing for the FBGs. Yeah for raises and lovely bosses!  
  6. I will try to be more active on the acting front--starting with a photo shoot for new commercial head shots on January 22nd.
  7. I'm going to do a better job at finding art for the apartment, too. It makes me happy. I really should either create the darn stuff or start keeping an eye open for the visual pitter pats.
The rest of the stuff...being good to myself, making sure to do something sweet for myself, yadda yadda well I know right now I'll forget that ish and you'll find me whining about something so I'm not gonna go there. NOPE! Not gonna do it!

I'm the most pessimistically optimistic person you'll ever meet.

Can't wait to see what's in store for 2011...


  1. What an awesome year! 2011 will be amazing for you too!

  2. I would like to remind you that you got your first passport and left the country! That was pretty cool as I do recall reading!


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