When the City Speaks

Although the city never slept
She found she often wept

A narcissistic complication
A beautiful simplification

She just wanted to be praised
For the buildings that she raised

A people unfazed by the City living all around them.

I noticed something as I walked along the sometimes bustling, sometimes quiet, sometimes quaint streets of New York City...people never look up, never look around, never take a moment to pause and acknowledge the unique awesomeness around them. Yeah, I know about the whole well only tourists look up hogwash that city dwellers spit at you, but it's a load of stinky if you ask me.

The architecture, the people, the art bursting out of windows, french pasta signs hanging from doors of restaurants, nifty little shops filled with trinkets you never knew you needed...well it was all a bit enchanting if you ask me. It broke my heart to see the dwellers walking passed without truly seeing the neighborhoods She's given to them...gifted them with. Every day something changes, every day something stirs...and there's an energy there like no other. My heart warmed and grew as I walked that brisk West Village path. I looked up at the sky and asked God if the city is OK with her lot in life. Her story reminds me of another...A story about a  new pair of white shoes that some little rich kid has gotten. The kid starts to scuff up the shoe and the mother asks why. The kid tells the mom that buying something expensive and then showing the world that he's rich enough to destroy it and not care is a common story the obnoxiously privileged bragged about in my hometown.

I wonder if that glorious city realized how much She moved me on that one November day...She deserves to be seen...truly seen.

Enchanting she was.


  1. Awwww, where's the New Jersey love? What, the fine state of Jersey didn't speak to you? You weren't moved by new Jersey? For shame.

  2. eh...Jersey's Jersey is home so he doesn't really do tour guides...When there we're inside with fam bam catching up. lol

    Look at you...Ms Instigator!

  3. I used to say the same thing too, but honestly, they are most likely hoping to not step in dog sh*t and/or meet the eye of some dude who's gonna street harass them. For reals.

  4. this was a lovely reading, especially given this is my home and i notice all that you mention that most don't. maybe it makes my still sundays more understandable now!

    also congrats on the agent! : ) looking forward to updates about future possibilities.



  5. And that's why Still Sundays are my favorite posts to read.


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