Favorite moments of Christmas:

Opening up the gift J sent me. There was a perfect little silver box with a note that read, "May the words off of this pen be inspirational, poignant-and crass!"...Then I opened the perfect little silver box and there sat a perfect silver pen...Author Tish Merritt engraved on the lid. I swooned.

Watching Jersey freak out over the pimpalicious bounty he received.

Hearing my dad burst out into tears from laughing too hard...Play the game Bananagrams. It's a hoot.

The first time I put my lovely cinnamon bag around my shoulder. I have named it Marc after its maker.

Getting twisted the night before Christmas off of Goldschlager shots...At one point I almost put laundry detergent in the dishwasher. Sad...

Having my mom in the kitchen with me helping me with the feast I mostly prepared (wink)

It was a deliciously naughty Christmas filled with crass, hilarious conversations and lots and lots of fam bam time. Thank goodness I have the rest of the week (basically) off to recover from the debauchery!


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