Stop the Rocking!

Oh my...I am not a good sick person and I'm a really heinous ass when it's Christmas time and I'm sick. I'm currently dealing with a gnarly viral infectious thing that has left me with the gift of asthma. No clue if it the wheezing will stick or not. Hoping it skedaddles once my meds kick in...Being a runner and all with a halfie marathon coming up soon, I'm quite perplexed by this lingering shat in my body. Plus, I don't look like a Wheezy!

I watch Oprah with blankies and a pout. I can't write clever, cute things when my brain goes mush. Heck, I can barely put my butt on the toilet seat correctly right now. (Almost fell this morning...tragic.)

It's hump day. (little yeah)

Sick days and vacation days should really always be separate at your place of employment. I apologize to all those in germ range of me...It's The Man's fault.


  1. Love the subject, hate that you're still Sicky McWheezerson. Take care of that bod, lady!


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