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Oh, how good it is to be back on the West Coast! How I missed you Santa Monica! How I missed you bed, and dressers, and bathroom, and smells...I missed you all and I am oh-so-sorry that I took you for granted and wanted to flee from your midst. You can slap my hand gingerly tonight when I return from work.

Jersey was delightful and New York brought the butta...That post will come soon enough. For now I must share my totally cool bean news.

It all started in the West Village...

I was walking along with my gal pal Crisa and the guy. I busted out with a philosophical, "I don't write to live. I live to write," which made them both chuckle and roll their eyes at me, but I just felt like a writer in that place. Words and paragraphs were filling up in my head and I couldn't stop it. I followed that with a mini tantrum in the bus station. I saw a bookstore and whined to Jersey that I just couldn't wait until one of my books was in a store like that...He stroked my fro and said my time would come.

We then raced like mad men to the bus and huffed and puffed our ways to empty seats. I grabbed my sad little neglected cell phone from my bag and started checking my messages...It was at that moment, on that dark Jersey-bound bus, that I saw the most beautiful email in the world...It said "Tish, we liked your query letter and we'd like to take a look at your manuscript. Kindly send us a copy at your earliest convenience."


AHHHHHHHHHH*#$#(@$&(!&$(@&*!(!)&%)@(*$)@)!* !)!*%@+)(*#!@

I said that all in my head because I was suffering from a gnarly sore throat, but you all know...You've been there as I've whined and I've threatened to crush my pen and scrunch up my notes into little basketball pieces of paper...This is the moment I had waited for. A literary agent had peaked some interest. My first non-snarky letter concerning my blood, sweat and tears...The book that had been cooking since 2005 was actually peaking someone's attention? I celebrated HAWD...just quietly. I couldn't speak so I just gave the phone to Jersey and let him read. He looked at me, smiled and gave me a huge bear hug. It is now one of my favorite moments. With the New York skyline dancing all around me, my guy and I celebrated a glimmer of hope for my dreams.

It don't get much betta folks.


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