At this moment I have over 2.4 BILLION little bacteria homies swimming vigorously towards my stomach. They are out to attack the bad bacteria and replace those despicable specimens with more suitable germs.

For weeks and weeks I had these funky stomach issues that would leave me in fetal position crying out for death. It was a hot mess. Trust...So I finally broke down and went to my incompetent doctor who loves to run expensive tests that never tell me one darn thing. This time he put me through the useless tests, but as soon as he heard me say I was taking algae he came up with the brilliant idea to try a homeopathic route. He put me on some expensive hippy pills that seem to be working. No fetal position and way less toot explosions. TMI? Naaa....

The pills have to stay in the fridge and THAT just reeks of coolness to me. Whenever I open the refrigerator I look at my pills and smile like a proud scientist...Grow my little minions...Grow and prosper. Fight the good fight! Let's keep the tummy happy and void of bloat.


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