People Ask Why I Do It...

I do it for this reason...


Bruises and scrapes are included in that...

I have to admit, my girl Celina was THE reason I skipped along that finish line path. When my face turned grey, when my breathing went shallow, when I lost my footing on rocky paths, that girl was there. There's this weird bond you form when racing with someone. I experienced it before with my bestie J when we ran the marathon together so you'd think I wouldn't have been surprised to catch myself falling in love all over again, but I did. Love that girl to pieces.

As far as I'm concerned the girl gets three wishes. I'll protect her like Morgan Freeman protected Kevin Costner in Robin Hood...

My life is one random ball of WTF?! And I love it.


  1. Congrats girl! I don't know how you ever feel down and out about yourself when you have accomplished so much. And continue to do so. You're my shero.

  2. Know you don't celebrate the big H coming up, but your comment is my gift :) I'm a shero :)...Makes me happy.


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