My Version of Pretty

I've said before I believe in past lives...There are just too many weird little Tishisms that can't be explained. The fact that I'm scared to death of stairs. I mean deathly afraid! My hands start to clam up, my breathing quickens and my voice gets shaky and high pitched. My past life explanation? I was pushed down a flight of stairs and died...(dramatic music)

There are many other lives that lead to weird little things I do in this life...There's always Billy Bob Russy. Do you remember Billy? I remember Billy.

The other day I had a mini meltdown with my girls. I told them that when I dress like a schlep and see people dressed to the T, I want to throw my poorly dressed body over a cliff. J, one of those besties I like to mention, had an epiphany. She said I was more than likely a rich and elegant woman at one time...And that makes sense to me.

Since I was a little one, I've had this uncanny pull towards objects and places that I had no earthly business knowing about. I sometimes crave smells, pearls and sounds. Do you ever stare at pretty kept women? The ones who look like they wake up like Snow White with small animals taking down the sheets and helping them dress...I see those women and the pull begins.

Then I come home from where ever I've been, take off my version of pretty, throw on some sweats, scratch, burp, toot...whatever and the lady with pearls fades away.


  1. Stairs freak me out too! Except my fear is that I'll trip going up the stairs and fall face first right into one of the stairs and smash all my front teeth out. I know. I don't know what's wrong with me either.

  2. How weird! I'm the same way! I can see blood pouring out of my mouth every time I start the walk...I tend to tuck my lips to protect my mouth lol

  3. Trish, someone just had to buy it a few minutes ago...because this morning it was still there and I was wondering if I should get it..hahaha:)
    Kisses, sweetie and I so want hair like you...I love it!

  4. OMG! That's exactly what I envision! Falling into the stairs, getting up and there is blood gushing from my mouth because my front teeth have been knocked out.

    I walk up stairs with my arms alert and ready to jet out and catch myself in case I fall. This can't be normal.


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