An LA Christmas Party

The story I am about to tell you is as real as my iddy biddy little chest...

Once upon a time, in La La Land, there lived a jovial blokette named Tish. She was goofy and crazy and lived a life of utter randomness and fun.

The end.


So last night was TOTALLY WICKED! So wicked that Dash from The Incredibles would have more than likely screamed that and then passed out from the extreme awesomely wickedness. So here's the deal...

I have these friends that are so flipping cool and they do all this flipping cool stuff. They live an amazingly cool life and they share that amazingly cool life with their friends and fam bam on a regular basis. The other day Mrs. Awesome sent an email to her buds telling them that Jay Leno's peeps had contacted her about possibly crashing a Christmas party...Would she be down...She left it up to us to decide. Did we want to party on a school night with Jay Leno and special guest? Um....HELL YES!

So yesterday I moseyed on over to their beautiful home just in time to help set up h'ordeuvres and meet guests as they piled in, kids in tow. This is when my eyes and ears started to bleed. ALL of these dang people are awesome (sadly I can't call them all Mr. and Mrs. Awesome because you'd get really confused in this post.) and beautiful to boot. When I say beautiful, I'm not exxagerating either, my friends...I'm talking gorgeous, tall model-like goddesses, women with impeccably chic swagger and style...I was so very glad I went with the regular clothes and not the Christmas Story shirt I almost wore!

I'm the token girl struggling with acting/writing/being a mature adult in the lot so I just stood back with my eyes bulging as people chatted about being disappointed with the billionaire's secret club in such and such foreign romantic city...I about queefed when I saw not one, not two, not even five designer bags (including a Birken bag) sitting next to my sad little tote I've had since college. A really snazzy new friend discussed her amazing career in fashion...She dropped fashion names I have never heard of...nor could pronounce, but then would laugh with me and reveal that t shirts and jeans were here staple of choice.

While some will be on holiday in Aspen, others will travel overseas...These conversations are conversations I've only heard in the movies. My Simple Simon little heart was bursting with intrigue. Worlds I have never been privy to were just casually being shared. It took everything not to go hill billy on their asses. I gave them the "Oh yeah? Aspen? Divine dawwwling" face and then moved on before my eye twitch gave me away.

Then Jay Leno rang the doorbell and had his way with us. His crew of cameras and lights piled in and for the next hour we laughed and watched on as the man invaded Christmas...Who does that happen to? Who has Jay Leno come to their house?! Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, that's who! They were geeking just as hard as I...along with the rest of the guests and that totally made me settle down and unclench my sphincter muscles.
(That hurts after awhile you know.) It doesn't matter how much money you have...How many 5 star (plus 10 secret stars that only reveal themselves once you show your credit score) hotels you stay in...How many diamonds you can fit on that well-manicured hand...If you geek with me over a celebrity, you're just one of the homies in my book.

I stayed and played with Mr. and Mrs. Awesome after the Leno explosion. She made me a drink she had fallen in love with on one of her crazy lovely vacations...It involved apple cider and tequila...Plus glass after glass of the bubbly. I"m thanking my lucky Christmas tree toppers that I woke up hangover free this morning!

One woman, who I will refer to as D-licious, was all that and a bag of some organic chips. Ms. Hip & Hot mamacita was my party bud for the night. She's this energetic, sweet and feisty little thing with a darn good heart. Within minutes of meeting me, she was already trying to find away to get me into the world of acting. Gotta love her gumption.

Sometimes I live in LA and it feels like I could be in anywhere land doing the same ole job, day in and day out...Then something crazy randomly delicious happens like last night's little event and I'm reminded that I flipping live in La La Land....The craziest cool place in my iddy biddy world.

PS. You can catch the Jay Leno episode we'll be featured on Tuesday, December 14th.


  1. You're so cool and fabulous. Can I be your friend?

  2. So fun for you! I'm recording Leno right now and can't wait to see it!


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