Holiday Hoo Doo in the Hills

I have just returned from a glorious holiday shindig hosted by my new fambalina, D-licious. Jersey unfortunately couldn't make it so I begged, pleaded and threatened my gal pal with a heart of gold, Baltimore Barbie if she would stand in his place as my hot date. She said yes of course, because she's one of those good eggs and it was settled.

We dolled ourselves up in holiday sparkle and off we went up, up into the hills to have some figgy pudding with a side of good cheer.

Parties like that are the stuff dreams are made of. I sat and chatted with the most fascinating people including a young lady of tween age who has the brain and soul of a 40-year old woman. I happen to love old souls because I was an old soul as a kiddo so I sat and spoke to Mr. & Mrs. Awesome's oldest child (we'll call her Atlee Awesome) for a couple of hours. She is THAT fascinating. The girl will be a crazy awesome designer one day...Mark the words I type to you right now!

I met a lot of other hilarious characters including a saucy man named Malik. He immediately singled Baltimore Barbie and I out upon arrival and spent the rest of the evening cracking us up with his lovely English bawdy humor. Everyone was so happy and beautiful. Actresses mixed with directors who mixed with producers who mixed with the PR lady for Dolce & Gabbana who mixed with beautiful french women who mixed with my date and me and had us wide-eyed and laughing all night long.

Adorable children snuck into the party room for gingerbread men and grown folk swirled divine champagne and cognacs. Overall it was almost 7 hours of Christmas that I was so very glad to share with my newly transplanted date. (She's only been in LA for eight months.)

I will say I missed my guy a bunch, though. There's just something about holidays that makes me turn into a sentimental sap. I drove myself home in the rain, plopped my stuff on the couch, kissed the sleeping one on the forehead, put on some KU sweats, grabbed the leftover pizza in the fridge, and plopped myself down for some "Yes, Virginia" cartoon happiness. (I turned on the Christmas lights for that...It was only right.)

It's always nice when you figure out you love sweats and frozen pizza more than heels and expensive champagne, but find the same heart-warming friends in all walks of life spreading holiday cheer.


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