A Half Full Glass for Two, Please

My guy and I walked around an endearing neighborhood in Santa Monica and gawked at the beautiful picture-perfect homes sitting quietly along the sidewalks one weekend.

We took turns telling each other about how our dream lives would play out if we lived in the green house or  the house with the perfect porch swing...all the while swinging our arms and juggling our dreams.

Our breakfast that morning was a bit bittersweet. While Santa Monica, overall, is a peaceful place to be, there are definite areas where people's noses are a bit too high. It's a place where their eyes are a little too sharp. It's like they can smell the lack of money on you. Long story short, a restaurant was snooty to us so we left in a huff and found another spot where we dropped our frustrations and disappointment down. No one likes to feel like they're somehow less...

Breakfast was silent, but on the way home we both grew vocal, asking each other how we were going to do it...How we'd make it out of the apartment life into a real home...A financial peace that would allow us to consider a family...a dog...vacations and dream life we both share.

The rest of the day was spent working. He was left to his studies; I worked on my writing. I know that while we were in different areas of the apartment, our minds were fixated on the same question...How do we become the big kids we need to be in order to get what we want?

Wish I could say we had some epiphany...We didn't, but we did put on Love by Matt White and dance in our living room a bit. I hope to remember sweet moments like that when we're chilling in our future dream life...

A gal can hope any how.


  1. The house, the family, the dog, they all have their own set of problems. You'll find yourself dreaming of those things and then when you have them, you'll wish for simpler times. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I know my saying that won't change the way you feel but I just have to say it anyway.

  2. my wise and stubborn twinkie lol...you just go ahead and say it.

    you know you would never in a million would trade kiwi for a simpler dog-free life. your little a hole is too endearing.

  3. Ohh the last part about dancing is so romantic:) Wish you a lovely Monday, sweetie

  4. I would never trade Kiwi no. Not for a million dollars. I love her to pieces. I hope she outlives me so I never have to cope with her loss.

    But sometimes I wish I didn't have a house so I could just move somewhere else on a whim.


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