The Gifts Speak...

A month or so ago I posted a simple question on a community chat board...That question (What are you asking Santa to bring for Christmas) had oodles of folks replying with vigor.

What one wants for Christmas speaks volumes about a person. Like for instance, I have a friend who wants nail polish. At face value this seems like a basic simple gift, but if you were to dig a little deeper you'd find out that she stopped biting her nails...something she's done for years...and she was able to stop because she's probably not stressing herself to pieces like she once did. She's coming into some new peace of mind.

I asked for two extraordinary gifts that cost more than I'm used to asking folks for, but I've finally found someone who I can be honest with. No more people pleasing and down playing my heart's little joy builders. If he doesn't get it, I won't be sad by any means, but the fact I could put diamond earrings on a list is a BFD! (Word to your mother!)

I think it's a fun thing to go over before the holiday hits us. Look back at what you asked for this Christmas and see what it says about sweet little you...

PS. If you're asking for a knife to stab his stupid ass I shall pray for you.


  1. what's the other thing you asked for?

  2. i asked for the most lovely crossbody bag by marc cinnamon


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