Dearest Awesome Literary Agent

Attn. Awesome Literary Agent,

Hollywhat?! Somewhere Between a Dream Deferred and Giving the Bird, tells the nitty gritty of one gal’s journey through Hollywood and the pursuit of the American dream.

Tish Merritt gave up a lot of things when she up and moved from the Midwest to the magical land of Hollywood: family, friends, money—pimp repellent. The years that followed have been filled with countless instances of proof that successful actors torture the dreamers of the world with tales of overnight success and small chapters of struggle. Still, Tish managed to keep on truckin’ only to endure oops after oops in Tinsel Town. She wrote about her bad auditions, casting couch nightmares and day-job zombie moments daily in a blog that kept her from a dramatic jump off the Hollywood Hills. In Hollywhat?!, Tish tells, with gangster charm, the honest story of what it’s really like going after one’s dream and how to maintain something close to sanity in the process.

I am an American blogger and wanna-be actor who resides in Los Angeles. When I'm not auditioning or complaining about my lack of auditions, I'm writing for and hoarding cheese for my whine and playing tiny sad violins for my unfortunate acting adventures. I hold a degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas.

If interested, I will gladly send you the 36,000 word memoir (AKA work in progress). Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Million Dolla Honey


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