Black Swan

No spoiler alert necessary folks...You can calm down...drop the red hot pokers that you were about to jab in your eyeballs. Jeez, mon!

Without giving away a darn lick of this movie I can honestly say that was THE most disturbing, yet captivating, visceral, emotional, crazy movie I have ever watched in my life. I realize it's intense and brilliant and great because you seriously are glued to the screen the entire time, but the audience as a whole was screaming, moaning, and shielding our poor sensibilities from that awful world the main character creates for herself.

My sister's head was permanently embedded into Jersey's chest. B's into mine...It was just a hot Oscar mess...That's all I can say.

Oh! And Natalie P. and Mila are both hot as heck.

...And probably Natalie's best work to date! I wanted to hug her after her last scene and then force her into working with me on some amazing next film.


  1. Easily the best movie I've seen all year.

  2. I'm with Alan. Best movie I've seen all year. This movie was amazing.

  3. Very disturbing. Had to keep watching to figure out the point. Even my husband was sucked in. I did figure it out before she did what had happened, but the last ten minutes was the best! Fave line: "Was I good?"


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