A Rumble With the Line Nazi

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing The Kids Are All Right with my lovely new found friend of glory and short cuteness, Chanda. I love this time of the year because it's Oscar buzz time and Oscar buzz time means I get invited to all of these glorious film showings where the audience meets the cast and usually a director or producer.

This event almost didn't happen for us, though. When we arrived at the theater we went and stood in line with all the other guild members and I overhead this mean woman tell the person ahead of me, "Your card has expired. Please move to the non-guild raffle ticket line." 

I gulped and slowly looked down at my card. Just as I had suspected. My card had expired on 9/24/10. I had used it two weeks ago and no one had said a word so I held my breath and handed over the WIF card. The evil Line Nazi looked at my card for what seemed like hours. She looked up at me slowly, evil eyes burning into my soul and said, "Expired. Move to the non-guild line."

AHHHH! The agony of it all! I was mortified! Sent to the line of shame...Served humble pie with evil Line Nazi poison sprinkled over the top with loving hatred.

I was scared. I'm not gonna lie. Chanda had driven an hour in traffic and battled a crackhead/meth dude so I felt I needed to deliver on this one. Luckily we still got in (jerks there were so many seats available! It was like when you wait in line at a club for hours only to get in and find it's empty) and still got free beer, beverages and popcorn. SCORE!

...And the movie was great! We laughed. We cried. We loved it...Then we got to listen to the cast talk about the film...IN PERSON! It's so surreal being THAT close to someone living your dream. (I don't know how many times I've written and/or said that in my lifetime.)

Annette Bening was a vision I say. That woman's got some amazing acting chops. You find yourself hanging on her every word. She's that Hollywood we all love and admire. Mark Ruffolo on the other hand...Not impressed. He's a bit odd...In not a cute awkward kind of way either. Pity...I so loved him. 

Evil Line Nazi...Someone teased her in high school. She enjoyed her job a little too much.

We're number 45 and 46. It's not looking good at this point...
I finally break down. I can't take the pressure and humiliation.

Ope! But we get in! And we get to sit this close to them!

This is my attempt at stalking: This cougar lady chick looked JUST like Kid Rock. She winked at me.


  1. Funny, that's exactly how I imagined the line-Nazi-woman would look.


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